Alise Luke

Alise Luke
(847) 668-6197

Alise's experience, professionalism, and knowledge of the North and Northwest Suburbs, is a perfect match with the highly efficient systems at HomesByMarco. She spends everyday previewing the market. She sees 100-150 homes each week!

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What Alise's Clients Are Saying

While we were in Chicago for a house hunting trip our agent, Alise Luke, was committed to helping us find a home and have an offer accepted before returning to Atlanta. She basically was available to us at any time day or night the week we were here. She was also very knowledgeable regarding the various suburbs which was priceless considering we had no clue! When our seller had issues and we were not able to close Alise was very supportive of how we wanted to progress and then connected us with Peter, the closing attorney for wise council. BOTH were amazing and very encouraging.
- Timothy & Laurie Bailey
Alise Luke and your staff do a great job. This is our second deal with your agency and it went very smoothly. We live out of state now but would always recommend you to anyone in Lake County, IL. A special thanks to Alise. She's a hard working professional that really knows the business and the area. Her follow-up is excellent and that makes the whole process easier.
- Bill White
Alise Luke was exceptional in service to us during our purchase of a condo at Carillon North. There were numerous glitches in the mortgage acquisition, and Alise was the most knowledgeable source of information as the process progressed. She was readily available to answer our questions, even the most puzzling ones. And she had the most accurate measure of the funds needed at closing. We would recommend your organization and Alise to others seeking a home in this area.
- John & Gail Gleed
Alise was the best! She made it feel like we had always known each other.
- Danielle (Dani) Mack
Alise Luke is great she helped us buy our first house. So we contacted her for this house. She was a pleasure to work with both times.
- Marissa & Travis Juracek
The entire organization is knowledgeable and professional. This is the second time working with Alise!
- Ed & Susan Croom
ALISE LUKE!!!! She was so incredible patient with us...we both were suitable candidates for committment to an asylum. But Alise just calmed us down.
- Lillian & Rodney Gerlach
Alise did what was best for me by using her knowledge and experience, all went great!
- Scott Riddell
Alise Luke was spectacularly good.
- Elaine Quinn
Since this was my first home purchase, I appreciated the knowledge that everyone on the team was able to share. It made everything go smoothly and quickly. Alise Luke was able to provide from her years as a realtor was absolutely essential in my decision. Your website was always up to date with the homes available!
- Stephanie Morton

Some of Alise's Happy Clients

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