Jackie Koukol

Jackie Koukol

(847) 736-4610

Jackie Koukol has been a Realtor since 1998. Her #1 priority is to oversee the sale or purchase of a home with professionalism and the highest level of customer service. Jackie's knowledge of the market, superior negotiating skills and the cutting edge marketing that the homesbymarco team offers will ensure a timely and hassle free transaction.

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What Jackie's Clients Are Saying

Jackie! She made it fun and easy!
- Carla & Joe Ghanem
Jackie Koukol is amazing, kind and concerned, she was like a member of my own family.
- Karen Carvajal
They were professional, kind, understanding and thoughtful. They kept you informed and went beyond their duty to help.
- Montrea McNary & Ladell Marsh
Our agent, Jackie was a former neighbor of ours and she helped us sell our old home in Gurnee. She is terrific!
- John & Roxanne Powers
I don't know what caught our eye but as soon as George sent a note from your website he received a call from Jackie, she was the first to respond. We have been looking for over a year and we had more requirements as the time went on..she worked well with me and understood both of us. Jackie is a pleasure to work with and is very honest which is what we both liked.
- Lesli Rosen & George Rodriguez
Jackie was honest and gave great advice on purchasing!
- Steven Valdez
Jackie was awesome! Loved working with the team and I felt we were supported from start to finish. Amazing service.
- Tyler Wonderlic & Nicole Holman
Jackie was extremely helpful, she really cared about us and worked really well with us through the entire process. She communicated in a timely manner and was available to answer any questions we had. We are so happy to have worked with her especially since it was our first time buying a home. Marco checked in with me about the buying process often and was able to push things along when needed, I really appreciated that too! Thank you Marco!
- Marina & Arthur Hirata
Jackie Koukol is an exceptional agent and person.
- Mary & Rick Willets
Communication was great! I would highly recommend Jackie.
- Lesli Rosen & George Rodriguez

Some of Jackie's Happy Clients

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