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Option 1) Start a new search

Enter a city, zip code, address, or MLS # in the Search field at the top

Option 2) Select one or more cities

One of things that HomesByMarco does that most other real estate websites don't is allow you to search multiple cities at once. Simply add all your target cities to your search using the "add city to search..." menu to the left.

Option 3) Enter one or more zip codes

As well as letting you search multiple cities at once, HomesByMarco allows you to search multiple zip codes at once. Simply enter each zip code in the "zip code" field and hit the "add" button.

Option 4) Select a train station

A search feature unique to HomesByMarco is the ability to search for homes for sale near train stations. Click the "More Options" button and select a train station. You can even select the walking distance away from the station!

Option 5) View homes nearby

While more useful when using HomesByMarco on your mobile phone, the website also allows you to view homes near your current location when using the website on your PC.

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