Congratulations on Finding the Right Home

Congratulations! We are on our way to the final closing of your new home. Now, the work begins for us to make this as pleasant experience as possible. There are many details and dates that must be met between now and closing so, with your cooperation, we will make this a smooth transaction.

How will the Inspection be handled?

There is a time limit in your contract, which is very important to follow. Most inspections are made within five days of the binding agreement date. After the inspection is completed, your attorney will prepare an amendment requesting repairs. The seller will have a time limit within which to respond. It is very important to follow these dates, so please make sure you communicate with us promptly after you have completed your inspection.

How long does the Inspection last?

The inspection may take anywhere from one to three hours. It is best if you are present for the inspection. The inspector will point out all the items that are in need of repair or that you should watch out for while you are the owner of the home. Remember, if you are buying a pre-owned home, the seller is not going to rebuild the home for you. There is not a perfect home and there will always be a few items that need repair. The repairs that we ask the seller to have completed prior to closing are the major items of the home. The furnace, air conditioning, water heater, electrical, etc.

Who handles tracking your loan?

We call the Mortgage Company periodically to check on the status of the loan. Should the Mortgage Company call you requesting additional information, please respond immediately to their needs. You could delay the closing by not doing so.

The Walk Through:

Should you request a walk through prior to closing you would need to arrange this with us, we will call you approximately a week before closing to schedule it.

Insurance Items:

A requirement of the Mortgage Company will be a hazard insurance policy. You must bring a policy to closing; it must be prepaid before the closing. You should call your lender and inform them; as well as bring a receipt to closing.

It is very important that you call your mortgage company with the name of the agency, agent name, premium amount and phone number.

Who takes care of the utilities?

You will need to call the utility company and arrange for the utilities to be put into your name as of the date the Seller(s) will be vacating the property (if after the closing) or the date of closing. If the home is vacant the gas company may need to get inside the home, so if you are not going to be able to meet them you will need to call us to see if we can help. We will supply you with these numbers.

What do you bring to the closing?

If the cash needed to close is $50,000 or more, it MUST be in the form of a wire transfer directly to the title company. Your attorney will provide these wire instructions. For lesser amounts, the cash needed to close must be in the form of a cashier's or certified check payable to the title company where you will close. Again, your attorney will provide this information as well as the bottom line figures for your transaction.

Also bring your driver's license.

Who attends the closing?

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Agents
  • Title Company Representative
  • Attorneys
  • Mortgage Company Representative

It is necessary for all parties who signed the contract or that are taking title to be present at the closing. If you find that someone is unable to attend you will need to have a power of attorney drawn up for the individual. The Title Company and the Mortgage Company prior to closing must approve the power of attorney form.


Any and all other questions about your closing and/or inspection items, please call our office at 847-367-4886.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above information. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. It is certainly our pleasure to make your home buying experience the best ever.

Please keep us in mind as you may hear of others thinking about selling or buying a home. Referrals are the highest compliment we can receive.