Mary Governale

Mary Governale
(815) 212-6041

Mary has over 17 years experience in real estate. She cares passionately about every client and every transaction. Her many years working as a support staff member for top real estate teams gives her a unique perspective and well rounded knowledge of the home buying/selling process.

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What Mary's Clients Are Saying

Everyone was always professional & friendly, and I felt very comfortable working with Mary to find a new home. She would meet me during the week and on weekends, just so I could find a new place to live. Then COVID-19 happened and everyone's world turned upside down, but Mary was a comforting source throughout the entire closing! Mary was the best!
- Renna Diamond
Mary Governale was just so professional. She was very flexible, informative and insightful of my needs. She was also very knowledgeable about the industry and even property tax information. She kept me thinking positively when we lost a couple of bids. It really helped. She is a total professional in every way and a great representation for your company.
- Rene Rodriguez

Some of Mary's Happy Clients

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