Schiller Park, Illinois, Real Estate


School District Grade Level Grades
John F Kennedy Elementary School 81 Elementary P-3
Washington Elementary School 81 Elementary 4-5
Lincoln Middle School 81 Middle 6-8
East Leyden High School 212 High 9-12
West Leyden High School 212 High 9-12


Subdivisions/Buildings Median Price
No Photos 9864 W. Leland
9864 W. Leland is a 60 unit condo building built in 2008 by Degan & Rosato Builders. 9864 W. Leland is located in Schiller Park, Illinois.
No Photos Eden Manor
No Photos Grace Park
Grace Park is a mid-rise condominium complex built in 2005. Grace Park is located in Schiller Park, Illinois on Irving Park Road west of River Road.
No Photos Hartford Condos
No Photos Kristina Condos
Kristina Condos is a condominium complex built in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Kristina Condos is located in Schiller Park, Illinois north of Lawrence Avenue and west of River Road. Read more
No Photos Lawrence Court Condos
No Photos Schiller Park Estates
No Photos Twelve Oaks Condos
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Metra Stations

Station Line Address
Schiller Park North Central Service (NCS) 4555 Ruby Street
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