Mitchell Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois


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No Photos 2258 W. Huron
2258 W. Huron is an 18 unit condo building. 2258 W. Huron is located in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago in a converted church/school building.
No Photos 612 N. Oakley
612 N. Oakley loft is a 30 unit condo loft in the landmark Pfister building. 612 N. Oakley is located in Ukrainian Village in Chicago's West Town neighborhood. Read more
No Photos Bodine Building Lofts
Bodine Building Lofts is a 20 unit condo building. Bodine Building Lofts is located at 2250 W. Ohio in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago.
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  • Adrian Robinson & Leonard Ringo
  • Derek & Jackie Blanchard
  • Peg Samuelson & Tom Cabernoch
  • Marie (Kiki) Bringuier & Ysmael Lopez
  • Amelia Lewis
  • Pete & Ivy  Rasmusen
  • Courtney Palicka
  • Patricia & Ritesh Shastri

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No Photos Smith Park
2526 W. Grand Ave.
No Photos Superior Playlot Park
2101 W. Superior St.
No Photos Western Park
907 N. Western Ave.
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