Pennoyer Elementary School, Norridge, Illinois


Subdivisions/Buildings Median Price
No Photos Brickman
Brickman is a single family home subdivision built in the 1950s. Brickman is located in Norridge, Illinois north of Montrose Avenue and west of Harlem Avenue.
No Photos Cascades of Norridge
Cascades of Norridge is a condo community built in 1994. Cascade of Norridge is located in Norridge, Illinois on Foster Avenue west of Cumberland Avenue.
No Photos Clock Tower Pointe
Clock Tower Pointe is a 90 unit condo complex built in 2007. Clock Tower Pointe is located two blocks west of Harlem Avenue on the northeast corner of Lawrence and Olcott Avenues at 4811 and 4833 N. Olcott. Read more
No Photos Courtyards of Harwood Heights
Courtyards of Harwood Heights is a subdivision of condos and single family homes. The condos were built in 1992 and are located at the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Oketo Avenue west of Harlem Avenue. The single family homes are located east of Harlem Avenue and north of Montrose Avenue. Read more
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  • Jason & Hannah Lee
  • Zach & Joni Kane
  • Marie (Kiki) Bringuier & Ysmael Lopez
  • Steven Valdez
  • Ben Pearson & Laurie Cameron
  • Denese Clother
  • Jennifer Shaw
  • Jennifer & Charlie Parkinson

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No Photos Grandparents Playlot Park
5445 N. Chester St.
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