Hire a Realtor with a Strong Online Presence to Sell Your Home!

Hire a Realtor with a Strong Online Presence to Sell Your Home!

For millions of homeowners, choosing the right Realtor is essential. Choose the wrong real estate agent, and the property might remain on the market for several months before eventually selling at a cost far below asking price.

Thanks largely to the rapidly advancing technology of Google and social media, today's average homebuyer is more engaged and active in the home buying process than in previous generations. As a result, choosing a Realtor with an overwhelming online presence increases the chances of selling the property faster and at a much higher price.

Asking the Right Questions

Whenever someone decides to sell their home, the first step is to begin by interviewing potential Realtors. Besides the standard questions regarding commission fees and estimated sales dates, homeowners should also be asking targeted questions about online marketing tactics. How does the prospective Realtor plan to advertise and attract a wide range of interested and qualified buyers?

Listing the property on MLS sites is no longer enough of a competitive strategy. The typical buyer will usually begin the quest for a new home by taking advantage of the many free online tools available, or they might simply log into Google and type a specific neighborhood, condominium complex, or school system with the words "homes for sale" immediately following. In larger cities, future home buyers might be looking for a property close to a specific train or subway station.

Unfortunately, most MLS listings have very limited space and cannot include a property's full range of optimal selling points. The most reputable real estate agents develop a more robust online presence through the use of social media, personal and company websites.

Doing the Homework

Does the Realtor use social media to promote new listings? What special marketing tactics does the agent use to ensure that these posts reach the unique demographic of qualified buyers based on the asking price of the property?

Homeowners should take an extensive look into the personal or professional website of the Realtor, as well. Make sure that the website is attractive, uncluttered, and easy to navigate for the average consumer. Does the real estate agent have a blog? How many times per week does the agent post new updates? How much traffic does the website get per day, per week, per month? For example, HomesByMarco.com averages 130,000 visitors per month.

Making the difficult decision to sell the family home is already stressful without complicating matters further by choosing the wrong Realtor. For the best results, hire a professional with a terrific reputation for online engagement with potential home buyers in the area.

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