Backyard Ruiners

Backyard Ruiners

Everyone leaves things behind in their yard from time to time. Unfortunately, some of these items will lead to future damage or accidents that could've been avoided. Here are a few items you should never leave out in your yard:

Tools: Garden tools and power tools like lawn mowers should never be left unattended in your yard. Many power tools begin to rust when exposed to moisture in the air for days on end while plastic tools tend to warp in the heavy sunlight. Additionally, any sharp tools can be dangerous to kids and pets. If you own any expensive equipment and decide to leave it out in the open, it can also become an eyecatcher for thieves. These are all reasons why tools need to be returned to their rightful place after using them.

Standing Water: Any items that can hold standing water should be removed from the backyard after being used. These range from buckets and plant pots to even kiddie pools. This is because standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. For reference, an inch of water is capable of breeding up to 1,000 mosquitoes.

Yard Products: Any sort of product you tend to use in your yard should always be stored away afterwards. This would include things like weed killer, paint thinner, or fertilizer. This is because they deteriorate very fast when left outdoors and can pose a poisonous threat to young children and animals. This rule also applies to household products. Make sure to always store these types of products in dry and secure areas away from children.

Construction Debris: Especially after a home renovation project, debris is likely to be a harmful aftermath for your backyard. Glass shards, wood, and nails are dangerous to people and animals alike so they should be cleaned up immediately after a project. Look to wear close-toed shoes as you sweep away any harmful debris before returning to your everyday lifestyle in the backyard.

Bicycle: Although leaving a bicycle out in the open will cause some natural damage to be done upon it, the main reason you shouldn't leave a bicycle out in the yard is because bicycles are a thief magnet. Based on a study done by 529 Garage, a bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds in North America. Be smart and avoid adding your bicycle to the 2 million that are stolen every year.

Garden Hose: Garden hoses that are left strewn about your yard are bound to crack in the heat, especially on a hot summer day. Aside from the summer, undrained hoses will rupture in the winter as the water inside freezes and expands. Leaving your garden hose out means that it'll be in poor condition for the next time you need to use it, so make sure to blow out your hoses after usage and store them inside.

Firewood: When left on the ground, firewood acts as a sponge for moisture. Any water from the earth will leave your firewood damp and unusable when it comes to starting any fires. Look to stack the wood on concrete instead, and keep them five feet away from any other structures. If you don't have concrete handy, asphalt or tarp works as well.

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