10 Fall Maintenance Tips

10 Fall Maintenance Tips

Fall means that winter is right around the corner. Here is a checklist of some important preventative maintenance tasks to make sure your home is ready for the cold.

1. Clean Gutters

If you leave your gutters clogged, water can seep in under your shingles or run off in areas next to the house and cause water damage.

2. Seal Windows/Doors

Following this tip will reduce your heating costs and improve the comfort level of your home by keeping out those annoying winter winds.

3. Inspect Roof

Look over your roof for damaged or curled shingles, corroded flashing or leaking vents. Your roof functions as the largest part of your insulation and keeps out bugs that are looking for warmer environments. Roofing is a professional job, so have a pro fix the big problems before the winter brings huge problems.

4. Have Chimney Cleaned

An accumulation of soot and creosote in the chimney can be enough to fuel a chimney fire that may damage the chimney and even spread to the roof and home. So if you plan on using your fireplace in the winter, make sure you get it cleaned.

5. Outdoor Plumbing

First, remove hoses from outdoor faucets in order to keep them from freezing and potentially rupturing. Turn off the valves or the water supply lines that lead outside. Lastly, have your outdoor sprinkler systems professionally winterized so that they don't freeze and crack.

6. HVAC System

Have your furnace professionally inspected/serviced before turning it on - starting any large appliance without a checkup can greatly reduce its life. Clean or replace the furnace filters, the humidifier plates, and cover the A/C units for best results when heating your home.

7. Landscaping

Prune all plants and get rid of dead branches. Keep your landscaping looking great by getting rid of dead annuals, and divide your perennials up. Aerate and fertilize the lawn to help preserve it for spring; there is no reason you have to have a brown, dead lawn through the winter months.

8. Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Smoke Alarms

Fall is a good time to go around the house and test all the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and put in fresh batteries.

9. Replace Damaged Storm Windows or Window Screens

Fixing all of your windows helps with your insulation and keeps your home looking great as well.

10. Repair Damaged Driveway & Sidewalks

Repairs help reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents. Fixing cracks will keep water from penetrating and expanding as it freezes, and thus causing the cracks to become worse.

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