How to Stage Your Bathrooms to Help Sell Your Home

How to Stage Your Bathrooms to Help Sell Your Home

Bathrooms are one of the smallest areas in your home… and also one of the most important ones to potential homebuyers. But buyers spend less time looking at bathrooms than most other rooms in a home – so it's crucial that they get a good impression of yours. Here are our favorite tips for staging your bathrooms to help sell your home.

Do a Mini-Remodel

Is your bathroom a little outdated or just worn from use? You can spend just a small amount of time and money to make it look new and inviting again.

  • If your walls and ceiling need repainting, use a light-colored, neutral semi-gloss. If you have wallpaper in your bathroom, consider removing it; steam it off and replace it with paint.
  • Upgrade any outdated fixtures – including lighting fixtures, fans, towel racks, cabinet/vanity hardware and toilet paper holders.
  • Remove and clean the covers from the light fixtures and exhaust fan.
  • Make it bright. If your light fixtures are rated for 100-watt bulbs, use them.
  • Fix any leaky or dripping faucets.
  • Throw out worn, frayed, or outdated rugs and towels.
  • If your bathroom is very outdated, consider a bigger remodel. Replace outdated tub and floor tiles, the cabinets/vanity, faucets, mirrors and more. But before you spend money on any major updates, be sure to talk to your real estate agent to make sure the greater cost is worth it.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Bathrooms build up a lot of grime and mold in a short amount of time, so invest in good cleaning products and accessories, clean often, and pay attention to the details.

  • Remove soap grime and calcium residue from shower walls, tiles and doors.
  • Almost every bathroom has some form of mold, especially in corners. Get rid of it.
  • Rip out old, mildewed caulking and replace it with fresh, bright caulking.
  • Thoroughly scrub the inside and outside of the toilet.
  • Sweep and scrub the floor.
  • Don't forget to clean the mirrors and windows.


Clear everything to create a blank, neutral canvas. Remember that people will look everywhere in your bathroom – including in your cabinets, under your sinks and in your closets.

  • Remove all of your everyday toiletries and supplies from the counter and shower. Seeing your personal hygiene products can make buyers feel like they are intruding on your personal space – so get rid of all of them. Remove the bathroom scale, too.
  • Remove all items that imply housework and maintenance – including cleaning products and accessories, spare toilet paper rolls, and the garbage can.
  • Storage space sells, so be sure to maximize your storage. Make sure your storage space is only half to two-thirds full and well organized. Store any small things you use every day in a box or basket with a lid.
  • Remove any prescription medications from the medicine cabinet, along with any other personal items.

Stage It

Create a spa-like appearance with plush bathroom items and water and nature accessories. You'll find that you don't have to spend a lot of money to find products that will elevate your bathroom from the everyday to the elegant.

  • Buy and place soft, luxurious towels and rugs. Do not wash them or use them, and pack them away between showings.
  • Beautify with accessories like scented soaps, bath oils, green plants and small flowers, clear jars, bamboo or wooden trays, small water fountains, candles and sea shells.
  • Create pretty displays by grouping items together in odd numbers such as one, three or five. Vary the height of candles, jars and other accessories.
  • Replace your shower liner and curtain.

One last thing: The more you clean your bathroom, the easier it will be to clean it the next time. So clean often, and pay attention to the details. Good luck!

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