Trending 2020 Color Palettes

Trending 2020 Color Palettes

"Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar you present a new place for new ideas" – Charles Kettering

Every year we spend a large amount of time focusing on what we want to change with our health, our finances, our lifestyle choices, our diets, the Feng Shui around our homes and the list goes on. Right now, is the perfect time to get a first look at the color pallets that are trending for 2020!

These dreamy colors have us drooling over the fresh statements that they create, the softness that glows from each one, the calming undertones, the soothing nature inspired tones, and the feeling of balance.

Benjamin Moore 2020 Color Palette

White Heron (OC-57)
First Light (2102-70)
Crystalline (AF-485)
Windmill Wings (2067-60)
Buxton Blue (HC-149)
Golden Straw (2152-50)
Thunder (AF-685)
Cushing Green (HC-125)
Oxford Gray (2128-40)
Blue Danube (2062-30)

Behr 2020 Color Palette

Graphic Charcoal (N500-6)
Dragonfly (PPU13-03)
Battleship Gray (N360-4)
Painters White (PPU18-08)
Cider Spice (S210-5)
Red Pepper (PPU2-02)
Rumba Orange (M230-7)
Charismatic (PPU6-14)
Bubble Shell (S160-3)
Creamy Mushroom (PPU5-13) - Our Favorite!
Secret Meadow (S360-6)
Back To Nature (S340-4) - Trending Right Now!
Dusty Lilac (N110-1)
Bluebird (PPU15-12)
Light Drizzle (N480-1)

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