Helpful Tips When Moving With Pets

Helpful Tips When Moving With Pets

Moving can easily top the list of #1 stressors in our life. Added noises and moving every object in your home can cause a tremendous amount of stress on your pet. Animals are creatures of habit. They form behaviors and habits based off of their surroundings. They become incredibly anxious when any type of unexpected activity is happening in their home. Unfortunately, there isn't a magic solution to fix this, but there are ways to help your pet transition to their new "furever" home!

  1. When the packing process begins, pack the room that they spend the most time in last. Keep them in their safe space as long as possible.
  2. Try to keep the noises as quiet as possible. (yes, I know, this seems impossible, but it is attainable.) Animals feed off of loud noises and strong energies that humans give off when under high amounts of stress.
  3. Take them on walks throughout the day. Distractions are key during the packing process.
  4. When moving day arrives, take the pet in your vehicle with you. Don't let a friend or anyone that is helping with the move take them; this will awaken the fear of abandonment.
  5. Have their space already set up before they arrive. Make sure all their favorite toys and blankets are in an area that is quiet and away from everything. Let them walk around and smell everything.
  6. If possible, when the initial move is happening, do not keep them in the house when everyone is coming in and out. Try to have someone stay with them at the old house or take them to a forest preserve.
  7. Once you are settled in, let them roam around as much as they need to inside and outside. Take them on a walk around the neighborhood so they can acclimate to the sounds and smells of other animals. This is especially important if you have neighbors that have other dogs that can be heard from inside your home during the day.
  8. Keep rooms that are not unpacked yet blocked off. Animals tend to hide when stressed. The last thing you want is your fur baby getting stuck or hurting themselves while you are away or at work during the day!
  9. Leave an article of clothing, for example a shirt that you have already worn, with them during the day or at times when you are away. The smell will make them feel safe and not so alone.
  10. Lastly, be patient with them. Don't yell or punish them for making accidents in the house. Anxiety and stress can cause this kind of behavior. Don't get angry when they are barking at every single sound. This may last for a little while.

Bottom line: make them feel comfortable, loved, and accepted in their new home!

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