10 Ways Homeowners Sabbotage The Sale Of Their Home

10 Ways Homeowners Sabbotage The Sale Of Their Home

1. Trying To Sell Your Home On Your Own vs. Hiring A Realtor

Licensed real estate agents are licensed for a reason. They are professionals that live and breathe the home selling and buying process every single day. They have access to information that the public does not in order to get the best dollar for your home. They also are able to advertise your home to the public utilizing websites and programs that only a licensed realtor has access to.

2. Wanting To Price Your Home Higher Than Your Realtor Suggests

When an agent presents comparables to you it is important to listen to them. They are pricing your home based off of the current market, such as: what has recently sold, how long certain properties have been on the market, and a comparison of your home to others in the area.

3. Refusing To Put Any Work Or Money Into Repairs Or Updates That Are Necessary

It is very important to put a little money into issues that need to be addressed and fixed before your home goes on the market. Not wanting to do any of the necessary repairs that your realtor is suggesting can lead to a delayed closing with higher costs.

4. Not Using A Professional Photographer

This is the biggest mistake we see in the real estate world. Photos are what potential buyers use to decide if they would like to come see your home. It can only take one bad photo to make a potential client say "NEXT!"

5. Being Present In Your Home At The Time Of Showings

When a homeowner is present during a showing, the realtor and client are sometimes uncomfortable speaking openly about the home, and can potentially leave early without seeing everything the home has to offer.

6. Letting Your Landscape Go

Curb appeal is very important. You could have an immaculate and beautiful home inside, but if the yard is unkept, potential buyers will have a poor first impression and may even just move on to the next home because they assume the inside is probably also messy.

7. Leaving Your Personal Belongings And Clutter Out During Showings

You want to give the potential buyers an easy visualization of making the home their own. Leaving your belongings out causes distractions and makes rooms seem smaller than they are. The popular phrase "less is more" should be a rule of thumb when trying to sell your home.

8. Making Showings Difficult

The worst thing a seller can do is make scheduling a showing difficult. If you are not flexible, this can ultimately be detrimental to the sale of your home. If it can't be shown, it can't be sold!

9. Leaving Your Pets At Home While Showings Are Scheduled

This could quite possibly be the worst thing a homeowner can do. People that are pet lovers will only become focused on your furry little friend or vise versa; your pet will start barking (rightly so) because they are trying to protect their territory. This can lead to tension and nervousness as well as making conversation difficult between the potential buyer and their realtor.

10. Ignoring Your Noisy Neighbors

Believe it or not this issue can become a "make or break" for some clients. When your neighbors can be heard while potential buyers are previewing your home, this sends red flags immediately - ultimately leading to a lost potential sale. Make sure that you talk to your neighbors about keeping respectable noise levels at all times.

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