Laundry Room Storage And Organization On A Budget

Laundry Room Storage And Organization On A Budget

The laundry room is hard for many people to keep clutter-free, especially if it doubles as a storage/utility room or a catch-all room for miscellaneous items. This tucked-away room is the last thing we think of organizing, but there are always ways to create better organization! Below are some great ideas that can be achieved on a budget.

See Ya Later, Clutter

Let's face it, containers and bottles (empty or full) always find a way of collecting. Make a conscious effort to throw out/recycle bottles right away when they become empty. Investing in containers with a spout is a great way to break this habit! Start purchasing pouches or refillable detergents that can easily be emptied into the container.

Cabinets vs. Open Shelving

If you have open shelving, a simple door for each compartment and/or unit creates unity and organization. We ultimately want to eliminate clutter, but a quick fix is to hide it all!

Make Way For Fido

We have all experienced it once or twice: stepping or knocking over our furry family member's water bowl. If you keep their bed or bowls in the laundry room, create a nook under a folding table. If you do not have an open space under the table, you can easily create one by removing any shelving underneath of it.


Turn any shelving units that you have into a simple 2-in-1 storage space! The shelving unit can store all of your laundry essentials and the installation of a rod can be used to air dry all of your delicate clothing.

Practical and Decorative

Who says that being practical means aesthetics shouldn't exist? Decorative wire baskets are a great storage solution and have a super cute rustic chic appeal to them.

Hooked on Organizing

Utility hooks are the best thing ever invented. They are small and can be utilized for so many things. You can use them for hanging your jackets, reusable grocery bags, and even brooms!

A Spot For Everything

If there is a spot on the wall that is empty, then there is a spot for something! Mounted wall baskets are a lifesaver. You can use them for tossing your keys in, pieces of mail that need to be looked over, seasonal gear, bags from the grocery store, plastic baggies, and even the cute sweaters + leashes for your dog.

Stylish Crates

If you have a laundry room that includes the normal overhead shelving then you are in luck. Buy small storage bins that come with pull out drawers, and use them to organize any random small items that don't have a home.

Small Space Problems

Quite often, older homes do not have an official laundry room. Instead you will typically find the washer and drier in the utility closet. If this is your scenario, we feel your pain! A super easy hack is by hanging a door organizer on the back of the door. This is perfect for all of your essentials that you try to tuck away but still need daily. You can also use this for the sole purpose of what they are sold for: shoes! They're an excellent way to keep seasonal shoes stored away but still within reach.

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