The Natural Route For Eliminating Spring Insects

The Natural Route For Eliminating Spring Insects

Now that the frigid Chicago temperatures are slowly rising, you can smell spring in the air. With spring comes blossoming flowers, heightened moods, and last but not least pesky insects waking from hibernation.

Our first instinct is to run to the store and buy insecticide to eliminate them, but it is so important to choose wisely if you have pets. Nowadays there are plenty of natural options to choose from that are pet- and human-friendly. Below are some tips that will help you get rid of pesky insects:


A simple mixture of lemon juice, cinnamon oil or powder, and peppermint oil.


Fly traps. Easy peasy!

Stink Bugs

A simple solution of water and dish detergent in a small bowl.


These little ones LOVE soft fruits. Make sure you are tossing fruits and veggies that have turned the corner, especially bananas and potatoes! You can also use a mixture of vinegar + dish soap.


These pests are hard to get rid of, but instead of flea bombing your house, opt first for Boric acid or even flea traps. Typically fleas stem from our favorite furry friends, which means your local pet shop is the first stop. Try using all natural sprays that contain powerful blends of essential oils!

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