Toliet Paper Alternatives

Toliet Paper Alternatives

We have all been there at one point - the moment you realize you are out of toilet paper. Our first instinct is to grab paper towels or napkins. It doesn't sound like a big deal right?

Right now we are all experiencing the shortage of necessary essentials that we need on a day to day basis with toilet paper being #1 on the list. With the shortages that we are seeing right now, it is so important that we aren't causing long term damage and costly expenses to our household plumbing.

Instead of the fight or flight thinking, we need to stop for a second and think logically. Below are some great alternatives that serve the same purpose as toilet paper.

BIDETS (you can find them on Amazon for a super reasonable price!)
THE LOTTA (tiny little vessel that resembles a tea pot)
“BUSHMAN'S FRIEND” (Our early settlers were known to use Rangiora leaves as toilet paper and also to write messages. Māori used the leaves as an antiseptic poultice)
NEWSPAPER (believe it or not this paper material is very biodegradable & can be used for many different purposes)

Do yourself a favor and simply force yourself to think out of the box to save yourself loads of unnecessary money. Plumbing companies are stating that it can cost anywhere between $150 - $500 dollars to unclog the drains. Even more if you are on a septic system!

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