Modifying Your Home For Senior Pets

Modifying Your Home For Senior Pets

Sometimes with older pets, a little extra attention is required to help them feel more comfortable. If you have a senior dog that needs a little extra care, here are some great ideas.

Memory Foam Support

Dogs suffer from joint pain as they age just like humans. By giving a little extra support using memory foam, you can help eliminate hip and joint pain significantly. There are many cute and stylish options that can be found online which create a chic accent piece to any living room or dining room.

Clear and Open Layout

As our pets age, their vision ultimately starts to deteriorate which leads to bumping into random objects. The tricky part about making clear pathways is that animals memorize the layout of their home. A simple solution is to make sure that all hallways and pathways stay clutter free.

More Traction For Playful Paws

As much as humans love hardwood flooring due to its durability and easy maintenance, our senior pets can find it rather difficult to not slip and slide. Placing rugs or runners in spaces that our pets often frequent will help. Yoga mats are a great alternative as well.

Night Lights

When our pet's vision starts to deteriorate, nighttime becomes harder to navigate the home. Placing night lights by their crate, water bowls, and toys will help them find their way to necessities a lot easier. Plus a little extra light at night isn't a bad idea for us humans as well! We know you have been there too - stumbling over everything in the middle of the night while you making your way to the bathroom or kitchen.

Rubber Mats and Raised Bowls

Placing textured rubber mats under your pets water and food bowl will help them easily stand while eating and drinking. Raised bowls are also fantastic for the senior who is losing mobility. Less bending and usage of joints will keep them much more comfortable and will keep your floors cleaner.

Stairs To Prevent Far Jumps

Sometimes our senior pets forget that they are not a tiny puppies anymore. They tend to make long leaps off the bed or couch, which can ultimately lead to a blown-out knee or tears in their tendons. The solution is portable stairs that can be found online with many different options to choose from

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dogs often forget to drink water which is a very hazardous habit! Water is the number one essential that animals need. Water also helps keep their joints healthy and lubricated. By placing more than one bowl around the house, you will eliminate the lengthy trips needed to travel for those laps of water.

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