5 Garage Organization Tips

5 Garage Organization Tips

1. Remove the Cardboard

A simple method of storage that many homeowners have relied on is to reuse cardboard boxes that they've gotten their hands on. In reality, this is not a good idea because the material rarely ever lasts when faced with the progression of time. Additionally, cardboard is an attractive material to mice and rats alike since they like to use them for nesting areas. Look to replace your cardboard boxes with plastic bins that are grease and grime resistant.

2. Labels

When bins build up in your garage, it becomes difficult to remember what box is holding what materials. The holiday decorations can get mixed up with spare car parts very quickly, leaving a confusing mess as a result. While transferring your belongings from cardboard boxes to plastic bins, look to label each one with what they contain. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also make a list for each box of all the items they contain so that if you're ever looking for an item you can refer back to the list in order to find it.

3. Clean Up Time

Look to set aside an hour each week to clean up the garage. This works best if you set a specific hour during a specific day of the week that never changes as each week passes by. This will create a healthy routine for you and your garage that ensures a comfortable and organized space. Ignoring the cleanliness of your garage will lead to misplaced items, dirt, and dust building up throughout the months.

4. One Project at a Time

If you are someone who uses the garage as a work space, make sure you are only working on one project at a time. Especially in a garage that's filled with supplies, working on more than one task at a time can result in mixed parts and cluttered items all over the place. If you're only working on a single project, then everything that's lying around belongs to the same task, so you won't be confused as to where an item needs to be returned to or what it was needed for in the first place.

5. Vertical Storage

This is especially important for homeowners who have been living in the same house for a while- slowly building up supplies and items that need to be stored. You will eventually run out of floor space, which is why storing your bins vertically will free up room in the garage. Long-term storage bins should be stored down low or up high, while bins that contain everyday items should be stored in easier to reach positions. Finally, make sure any vertical shelves you invest in are spacious enough so that there are no crushed bins or parts.

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