What Makes a Perfect House

What Makes a Perfect House

There are many different ideas when talking about a dream home, but many of these ideas are not very practical. A perfect house should have no functioning issues- making your overall lifestyle easy and stress-free. There are many varying requests from one homeowner to the next but here are 10 very common preferences from homebuyers today:

Single Level: Straying away from the traditional idea of a two story home, the newer trend of single level homes position everything within reach while reducing injuries and streamlining any maintenance that is required. These types of homes also have better temperature control, especially as time goes on. To top it all off, single level homes are also easier to modify in order to fit one's changing lifestyle as they grow older.

Ceiling Height: Having a single level home does not mean it has to be any less grand. Taller ceilings (9 feet or higher) are more attractive and create a more expansive experience than the standard 8 foot height. Based on data from the National Association of Home Builders, the request for more ceiling height has increased over 11% since 2004.

Window Positioning: Many Americans looking for new homes tend to forget about how important window positioning is in a house. Heating costs can actually be reduced if windows are facing south. This is because they let more sunlight into the house, leading to a warmer home during the winter and more sunlight for house and garden plants in the summer.

Outdoor Area: Having outdoor areas like a patio or small deck already built into the house upon purchase can prove to be a great asset in the future. Not only does it give the buyer a great return on investment, it's also just a simple way to socialize with neighbors, relax, and entertain your kids. Other examples of outdoor areas include a pool or small playground.

Exterior Quality: Maintaining a house is hard enough, so nobody wants to add rotting wood and loose roof shingles on top of their current problems. Seeking out a low-maintenance exterior is key when it comes to purchasing a home. Look for vinyl siding or special fiber cement when seeking out the right house for you. These materials stand strong against harsher weather conditions while also requiring much less work on your end to keep them in top notch quality.

Walkability: Owning a car is great, but many homeowners want to live in a community where they can walk their dogs, go on runs, and even walk to the nearby store. Thus, areas with sidewalks that are close to a town center with minimal amounts of traffic are highly sought after. Sometimes, just looking at the house itself is not enough. An unsuitable area around a “perfect” house does not make it as attractive overall.

Security and Privacy: Neighborhood crime statistics go a long way. Safer communities are going to produce safer homes for your family and brighter futures for your kids. A tight-knit neighborhood can also be important since it would make the task of breaking into your house unnoticed more difficult. That being said, your home also shouldn't be positioned in a way where all your neighbors can look inside. It's important to find a balance between security and privacy that perfectly suits your needs.

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