South Elementary School, Glencoe, Illinois


Subdivisions/Buildings Median Price
630 Vernon 630 Vernon
630 Vernon is a condo building built in the 1980s. 630 Vernon is located in Glencoe, Illinois.
East Glencoe East Glencoe
East Glencoe is a single family neighborhood located in Glencoe, Illinois on South West of Sheridan.
Glencoe Place Glencoe Place
Glencoe Place is located in Glencoe, Illinois on Greenbay Road north of Dundee Road.
Hawthorn Place Hawthorn Place
Hawthorn Place is a townhouse community built in the late 1960s. Hawthorn Place is located in Glencoe, Illinois on Hawthorn west of Greenbay Road.
Hubbard Woods Hubbard Woods
Hubbard Woods is a single family neighborhood. Hubbard Woods is located in Glencoe, Illinois at the intersection of Linden and Greenbay Road.
Skokie Heights Skokie Heights
Skokie Heights is a single family home neighborhood built in the late 1940s early 1950s. Skokie Heights is located in Glencoe on Bluff north of Dundee Road.
Skokie Ridge Skokie Ridge
Skokie Ridge is a single family home neighborhood located in Glencoe, Illinois on Skokie Ridge north of Dundee Road.
Strawberry Hill Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill is a single family neighborhood built in the 1950s and 1960s. Strawberry Hill is located in Glencoe, Illinois on Forestway South of Dundee Road.
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  • Jen & Anton Magdalener
  • Sarah Price & Mark  Pettersen
  • Kathleen & Kevin Holden
  • Jarrod Kraemer & Ann Sterling
  • Michael  & Sam Robbins
  • Christine Mueller
  • Jeffrey & Sandy Kollum
  • Tom & Sandra Duffy

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1035 Hubbard Place
Hiking Paths
Glencoe Park Glencoe Park
156 Glenwood Avenue
Picnic Area
No Photos Hubbard Woods Park
939 Green Bay Road
Parking Picnic Area Playground Restrooms Shelter Skate Park
No Photos Merrill Park
Merrill Street & Gordon Terrace
No Photos Robert Everly Wildflower Sanctuary
Linden & Jackson Avenue
Birding Area Wildflower Sanctuary
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Birding Area Picnic Area Tennis Courts Trails
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433 Jefferson Avenue
Picnic Area Playground
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305 Randolph Street
Basketball Courts Ice Skating Rink Soccer Fields Tennis Courts
No Photos Woodlawn
Woodlawn Avenue & Green Bay Road
Picnic Area Playground
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