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No Photos Beverly Park
Located in Broadview, Beverly Park is North and South off of Cermak, east of 25th Ave.(Kemman Ave.)
No Photos Broadview Gardens
No Photos Terrace Garden
Located in Broadview, Terrace Gardens is South off of Roosevelt Rd. Located on 18th and 11th St.
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  • Jennifer & Charlie Parkinson
  • Richard & Pat Johnson
  • Denese Clother
  • Lisa & Jeremy Bloxson
  • Stacy Kalantzis & Dave  Fotland
  • Brittany & Jason Pines
  • Brian & Jessica Motyka
  • Debi Surges

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Park Amenities
No Photos Beverly Park
Erika Drive and Sunnydale Avenue
No Photos Pioneer Park
West 14th Street and South 25th Avenue
Baseball Diamonds Basketball Courts Playground Softball Fields Tennis Courts
No Photos Playhaven Park
South 25th Avenue and Fillmore Street
No Photos Schroeder Park
West 16th Street and South 13th Avenue
Baseball Diamonds Basketball Courts Playground Softball Fields Swimming Pool Tennis Courts
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