Washington Elementary School, Evanston, Illinois


Subdivisions/Buildings Median Price
1234 Elmwood 1234 Elmwood
1234 Elmwood is a 19 unit condo building built in 1966. 1234 Elmwood is located in Evanston, Illinois south of Dempster and east of Ridge Avenue.
No Photos Crain Street Commons
Crain Street Commons is a townhouse community built from the late 1990s to early 2000s. Crain Street Commons is located in Evanston, Illinois south of Dempster Street on Dodge Avenue. Read more
No Photos Crown Park Estates
Crown Park Estates is a townhome community built in the late 1950s. Crown Park Estates is located in Evanston, Illinois off of Dodge and Greenleaf Streets.
No Photos Maple Court
Maple Court is a condominium complex built in 1915. Maple Court is located in Evanston, Illinois on Maple Avenue south of Dempster.
No Photos Monroe Courts
Monroe Courts is a condo complex in Evanston, Illinois. Monroe Courts is located on Monroe Street and Florence Avenue at 1515 and 1519 Monroe.
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  • Vinita & Sajonaik Naik
  • Tony & Christy Garcia
  • Becky Matthews
  • Michael  & Sam Robbins
  • Ann & Jeetu Shah
  • Ken & Julie Neumann
  • Danielle Brust & Thomas Fornarelli
  • Karen Yates

Nearby Parks

Park Amenities
No Photos Crown Park
Main Street and Dodge Avenue
Baseball Diamonds Soccer Fields Softball Fields Tennis Courts
No Photos Grey Park
Main Street and Ridge Avenue
No Photos Kamen East Park
South Boulevard and Barton
Baseball Diamonds Playground
No Photos Kamen West Park
South Boulevard and Asbury Avenue
Baseball Diamonds Basketball Courts Softball Fields
Larimer Park Larimer Park
Crain Street and Oak Avenue
Basketball Courts Playground
No Photos Leider Park
South Boulevard and
No Photos Monroe Park
1200 Monroe Street
No Photos Ridgeville Park
Ridge Avenue and South Boulevard
Basketball Courts Playground
No Photos Sargent Park
At the intersection of Reba Place and Elmwood Avenue.
No Photos Southwest Park
Near the intersection of Seward Street and Wesley Avenue
No Photos Trahan Park
Ridge Avenue and Monroe Street
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